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Expo 2012, Yeosu, South Korea
Expo 2012 photos
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Hyundai and Samsung Pavilions
The Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) ran through the axis of the International Pavilion
The theme structure, the Big-O was used in the nighttime spectacular to great effect
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Expo 2012 opened in the port city of Yeosu, South Korea on 12 May 2012. A "recognized" exposition by the BIE, it closed meeting its goal of 8 million visits.

Like most world's fairs, the international participants occupied the largest area: a large International Participants Pavilion that also includes a huge overhead video screen called the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) over its central axis.

Other notable buildings on site are the Korean Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion, the Sky Tower, and the Aquarium.

Off-site, an Expo Town was built to house the workers during the exposition. These buildings will become housing now that the exposition has closed.

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Overview of Expo 2012 in Korean with English subtitles
The nightly Big-O Show
News Segment about Expo 2012 and Yeosu, South Korea
The "Big O," Expo 2012's nightly show (part 1)
The "Big O," Expo 2012's nightly show (part 2)
The "Big O," Expo 2012's nightly show (part 3)
Expo 2012 Promotional Video (7 minute version)
Getting to Yeosu from Seoul
Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and the United States Pavilion
Quick Info

opening date
12 May 2012
closing date
12 August 2012
"The Living Ocean and Coast"
site description
urban coastal
site size
25 hectares (62 acres)
participating countries
8 million
BIE recognized
"International Exposition"
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Yeony and Suny
Expo 2012 Yeosu's mascots, Yeony and Suny, take their names from the host city, Yesou. "Yeo" means "beautiful and "Su" means water.

Keeping with the ocean theme, they're plankton in human form.

The blue color represents the deep ocean water and the red color represents living organisms.

Exclusive Photos
Expo 2012 photos

Over 1000 exclusive photos of Expo 2012 are on ExpoMuseum's Flickr site.

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ExpoMuseum's sister site, WorldsFairCommunity.org, maintains a discussion group about Expo 2012. Visit it here.

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