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World's Fairs leave behind many items. There are a wide range of items that people have saved and collected over the years. Here are just a few categories.


Books and Brochures

Shown is a guide book from St. Louis's 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.


Posters and Advertising

Shown is a poster from Brussells' Expo '58.


Coins, Jewelry, Medallions, etc.

Shown is a medallion from Seattle's Century 21 Exposition.



Shown is a postcard from Montréal's Expo '67.



Shown is a first day cover from Spokane's Expo '74.


This section of the site is still being created. More will be available here in the coming months. If you have any specific questions about world's fair architecture, feel free to email us or join the ExpoMuseum Discussion Group.



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