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Expo 1970 Osaka

Category: Universal

Country: Japan

Opening: March 15, 1970

Closing: September 13, 1970

Participating countries: 77

Visits: 64,000,000

Site Area: 330 ha (820 acres)

Image: M-louis (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Expo 1970 Osaka, held from March 15 to September 13, 1970, was the first World Expo in Asia. It marked Japan's post-war recovery and return to the international community.


The theme was "Progress and Harmony for Mankind," and it attracted over 64 million visits, setting a record in the history of international exhibitions. The Expo site was a showcase for cutting-edge technology and innovations, with various pavilions from participating countries and corporations.


The U.S. pavilion was notable for housing a two-pound rock brought back from the Moon by Apollo 12 astronaut Alan L. Bean, which attracted an average of 80,000 visitors per day.


The Expo '70 site has now been redeveloped as a park, and the event's forward-thinking theme continues to resonate. 

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