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Expo 1986 Vancouver

Category: Specialized

Country: Canada

Opening: March 25, 2005

Closing: September 25, 2005

Participating countries: 121

Visits: 22,049,544

Site Area: 173 ha (427.5 acres)

Image: © 2012. Symphony Girl 


Expo 1986 Vancouver was a Specialized International Exposition that took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from May to October 1986.


The theme of the exposition was "Transportation and Communication: World in Motion - World in Touch," and it featured a variety of exhibits and attractions focused on transportation, communication, and technology.

Expo 1986 Vancouver was held at Expo Centre, a 60-acre site located in downtown Vancouver, and attracted over 22 million visitors during its six-month run. It featured over 60 participating countries and numerous corporate sponsors and international organizations and included exhibits on transportation and communication technology, as well as live entertainment, cultural performances, and educational workshops.

One of the main attractions of the exposition was the Transportation Zone, which featured a variety of exhibits and demonstrations focused on transportation technology and innovation. This included displays of advanced vehicles and aircraft, as well as interactive exhibits on topics such as space travel and transportation safety.

The Communication Zone was another popular attraction at Expo 1986 Vancouver, featuring exhibits on the history and future of communication technology. This included displays on the development of the telegraph, radio, and television, as well as demonstrations of cutting-edge communication technologies such as satellite and computer networking.

In addition to the main exhibits, Expo 1986 Vancouver featured a variety of other attractions and events, including live entertainment, cultural performances, and educational workshops. There were also a number of dining and shopping options available on the exposition grounds, as well as numerous recreational activities and games.

Overall, Expo 1986 Vancouver was a highly successful event that attracted visitors from around the world and helped to promote the city of Vancouver as a major international destination. It was a showcase of innovation and progress in the fields of transportation and communication, and it left a lasting legacy in the city.

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