Expo 2005 Aichi

Category: Specialized

Country: Japan

Opening: March 25, 2005

Closing: September 25, 2005

Participating countries: 121

Visits: 22,049,544

Site Area: 173 ha (427.5 acres)

Image: © 2005. Urso Chappell.

Expo 2005 Aichi.jpg

Held in the eastern hills of Nagoya, Japan in the suburbs of Nagakute and Seto, Expo 2005 Aichi's site was created such that most of the land would be returned to its original parkland afterward. Most of the wooded site was undisturbed and visitors traveled by gondola or bus between two separate sites.
The Global Loop, an elevated structure on the Nagakute site, provided a pedestrian walkway between different zones which represented various geographic regions on the planet.

Japan had previously hosted Osaka's Expo '70, Okinawa's Expo '75, and Tsukuba's Expo '85.

Image: Public Domain