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Foods to Try at Expo 2020 Dubai!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

In celebration of Expo 2020 Dubai's Veganuary (Vegan + January), we're sharing a few of our favorite plant-based dishes you can find at Expo 2020 Dubai!

When I first started planning my trip to Dubai, I was admittedly a little worried! I love exploring cultures through their food, but wasn't quite sure how I'd do that at the Expo. Luckily though, after what felt like hours of research (lots of scrolling through the Expo App!), reaching out to Eat at Expo, and just walking around, I was able to find a ton of places that had plant-friendly options! See below for some of my favorite dishes.

Located next to the Waterfall, Alkebulan has food options for everyone! Take a walk through both floors to see all the options. We got food from Penja (Juicy No Chicken Burger & Fried Plantains and Red Red Green) and drinks from Jiko and Bar Cane (not pictured).

Warning: Not everything pictured is vegan, but they have a lot of options! If you want to experience authentic Emirati food, you NEED to try Arabian Tea House. They have several locations in the city (pictured above), but this one is located right inside next to Al Wasl. Be sure to go with a friend so you can try as many things as possible! Pictured here is one of their breakfast platters. We also tried one of their dinners to go (while listening to Alicia Keys live!) and it was just as delicious.

Lunch with a view! After learning all about sustainability at Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion, head on up to the roof for lunch at Mudrá. This restaurant comes from famed vegan chef, Matthew Kenney and has a location in Buenos Aires. This was one of our first meals at the Expo - off to a great start! We really recommend XYST (menu) too, also in Terra.

On your way out of Terra, stop by Floozie and pick up a cookie or two! They have a few different options, as well as a rotating seasonal one! Warning - they have a gooey filling and are a bit sweet! Pro Tip: They have another location near the Japan Pavilion - we recommend grabbing a soft-serve while you wait in line!

When you think of Spain, is there anything better than a warm bowl of paella?! Hop on over to the Spain Pavilion for not one, but two options! Choose to sit down and order at a table, or order some quick paella to go.

The Expo has no shortage of coffee! While there are a lot of coffee shops through the site, stop by Rwanda for a free espresso shot! Thanks to our friends at World Expo Museum for the tip.

Located in one of the food truck areas in the Mobility District, Spout has a range of options from dumplings to Mac n Cheese to popsicles! They also seemed to have some great deals while we were there!

If you're craving a classic burger & fries, check out the Impossible Burger at Adrift, also located in the Mobility District. With outdoor seating perfect for the evenings, order from the extensive drink menu and enjoy a burger from a Michelin-rated chef - David Myers. Bonus: they have outdoor seating, so you can also enjoy the beautiful evening weather.

The theme for the Netherlands was "Uniting Water, Energy, and Food," so it's no surprise that they had some sustainable food options as well! After wandering through the Dutch Pavilion, you enter into a room filled with the smell of freshly made stroopwafel! We highly recommend you try one - but they also have to-go lunch meals like this "chicken" bowl."

There's not much else on the menu that's vegan, but this dessert was delicious. The sorbet is a mix of berries and lavender. We also ordered a lavender lemonade!

You can never go wrong with a little Thai Food! This Pad Kaprow had so much flavor! Plus, the menu has options for everyone! If we had more time, we'd definitely go back to try new dishes!

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