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Meet Palle Bo...the Radio Vagabond at Expo 2020 Dubai

Meet Palle Bo...the Radio Vagabond. Palle produces podcasts about his travels around the world. Through his friendship with Jason Griffing, Expomuseum’s Deputy Director, Palle was convinced to visit Expo2020 Dubai. What was supposed to be a one-day pre-cruise visit turned into a four-day Expo experience which has made Osaka 2025 Expo a definite stop on Palle’s travel itinerary.

At the age of fifty, Palle made a decision to change his life. As his daughters moved out of the house, so did he. He sold his house, his car, and all his furniture and became a digital nomad, traveling full-time with a goal to visit every UN nation in the world and every state in the USA. Take a listen to Palle’s recent podcast with the link below and hear what it is like for someone to visit an Expo for the first time. You’ll enjoy some of the conversations with Expo staff, details, and photos of his pavilion visits and the Expo site.

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